Downloading AREDN Firmware

Once you have selected and obtained a device, the next step is to choose the matching AREDN™ firmware image for that specific device. The AREDN download page displays the most current firmware releases for every supported device.

Locate your device model/version in the left column. Most manufacturers print the hardware version on the product package label. In some cases, though, you may need to start the device using the manufacturer’s pre-installed firmware and navigate to the system information page to determine the hardware version.

There are two types of firmware images: one for the first-time replacement of the manufacturer’s firmware, and the other for subsequent upgrades of the already running AREDN™ image.

  • If you are loading AREDN™ firmware on a device for the first time you will typically choose the firmware from the middle column, because your device is still running the manufacturer’s firmware and not the AREDN™ UI.
  • If you are already running AREDN™ firmware on the device then you will choose the firmware release from the righthand column, and you will use the AREDN™ web interface to perform a firmware upgrade.

Once you have selected the correct firmware image for your device, click the link to download the image file to your local computer. Make a note of the download location on your computer, since you will need to use that image to install the AREDN™ firmware on your device.