Acroynms List

List of acronyms used in this documentation.

AC:Alternating Current
AGL:Above Ground Level
AP:Access Point
API:Application Programming Interface
AREDN:Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network
CCA:Clear Channel Assessment
CGI:Common Gateway Interface
CSMA/CA:Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Avoidance
CTS:Clear to Send
dBm:Decibel relative to one milliwatt
DC:Direct Current
DDNS:Dynamic Domain Name System
DFS:Dynamic Frequency Selection
DHCP:Dynamic Host Control Protocol
DMZ:Demilitarized Zone
DNS:Domain Name System
DtD:Device to Device
ePub:Electronic Publication
ETX:Expected Transmission
EWMA:Exponential Weighted Moving Average
FCC:Federal Communications Commission
FQDN:Fully Qualified Domain Name
FTP:File Transfer Protocol
GPS:Global Positioning System
HD:High Definition
HTML:HyperText Markup Language
HTTP:Hypertext Transfer Protocol
ICMP:Internet Control Message Protocol
ICS:Incident Command System
IP:Internet Protocol
IRC:Internet Relay Chat
ISP:Internet Service Provider
JSON:Javascript Object Notation
LAMP:Linux Apache MySQL PHP
LAN:Local Area Network
LED:Light Emitting Diode
LGI:Long Guard Interval
LQ:Link Quality
LQM:Link Quality Manager
MAC:Media Access Control
MCS:Modulation Coding Scheme
MIMO:Multiple Input Multiple Output
MRC:Maximal Ratio Combining
NAT:Network Address Translation
NLOS:Near Line of Sight
NLQ:Neighbor Link Quality
NTP:Network Time Protocol
OFDM:Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
OLSR:Optimized Link State Routing protocol
PBX:Private Branch Exchange
PDF:Portable Document Format
PEP:Peak Envelope Power
PoE:Power Over Ethernet
PXE:Preboot Execution Environment
RAM:Random Access Memory
RF:Radio Frequency
RSSI:Received Signal Strength Indicator
RTS:Request to Send
RTSP:Real Time Streaming Protocol
SCP:Secure Copy Program
SISO:Single Input Single Output
SNR:Signal to Noise Ratio
SSH:Secure Shell
SSID:Service Set Identifier
SSL:Secure Sockets Layer
TCP:Transmission Control Procol
TFTP:Trivial File Transfer Protocol
UDP:User Datagram Protocol
URL:Universal Resource Locator
USB:Universal Serial Bus
VLAN:Virtual Local Area Network
VoIP:Voice over IP
WAN:Wide Area Network
WISP:Wireless Internet Service Provider

Link: AREDN Webpage